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Africa Farm Coop Membership Card & Credit Facility

Farming is both labour and capital intensive, and many farmers cannot achieve the success they require as a result of cash flow constraints. To assist our members in overcoming these constrictions, Africa Farm Coop has introduced the Africa Farm Coop, Afrika / Boere Koop Credit Facility Card. While not a credit card, it is a combination of a Membership and Info card, on which the Members details and credit facility granted to the Member is easily checked and verified, and which the Member can use at any FarmMart or CRH Corporate, Franchise, Merchant Partner store nationally *(and soon in the SADEC Region | EU | UK).

How does it work?

This facility is available to any contracted Africa Farm Coop/Afrika Boere Koop Member who has joined Africa Farm Coop as a Premier Member and qualifies for the facility. In this, any Member that contracts to deliver their produce to African Farm Coop, applies for credit, and has his land, track record, credentials evaluated, and based on the projected yield of his farming operation, is granted a credit facility.

This facility is divided into various sections and can be used by the Farmer and approved members of his family, allowing them to live comfortably with access to the cash flow required to manage their farming operations optimally. Based on the actual yield determination of the land and taking the farm’s previous 3 years financial statements (P&L) into account, a credit facility of approximately 50% of the gross yield is granted to the Member, which they and their families can use to:

  • Buy at any FarmMart or CRH Corporate Store, Franchise or Merchant Partner simply by swiping their card.
  • Obtain a term loan of up to 48 months for farm development operations
  • Obtain bridging finance against invoices for product sold and delivered *(if not contracted into Africa Farm Coop)
  • Obtain Mortgages, Vehicle Finance, Equipment Financing and much more with the card at preferential rates
  • Use their credit facility to buy on Africa Farm Coop Auctions, rent vehicles, equipment and pay wages each fortnight where a cash transfer is done to the workers’ accounts, when the Africa Farm Coop HR Management Support System is used.

Card Application

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