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My African Farmers Market
My Afrika Boere Kooperasie
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MAFC is entering into relationships with AND registering as Market Agents at all 19 Fresh Produce Markets across SA, and we are establishing more Fresh Produce Mini-Markets that we own and operate across not only SA but the entire SADC region, where Farmers can deliver their produce under our management for resale, allowing Producers and Buyers to transact securely, guaranteeing our Farmers top pricing for their locally sold produce. REGISTER TODAY WITH MAFC FRESH PRODUCE MARKET AGENTS FOR THE BEST SERVICE!


Contact your local My African Farm Coop Depot | Regional HUB and an Account Manager will be allocated to you, once this is done, your Account Manager will guide you through our easy process to transact with us securely and efficiently.


Go onto our Africa FarmMart website , select your status *(Private | Merchant Partner ) and register accordingly, on which you will be able to order and pay at any of our markets or order fresh produce directly to your door or store


MAFC has established a Retail Division known as Africa FarmMart® through which we buy local and sell our Producers products into the wholesale and retail markets in the SADC and Global Markets directly. MAFC operates in partnership with the CGG Group, which has a global retail footprint that covers the USA | UK | EU | SADC region of Africa providing a retail network comprised of Direct to Client | Corporate Stores | Franchise Stores | Merchant Partners, ensuring that our Producers are guaranteed delivery of their produce in the global markets at the best pricing and profit. REGISTER AS AN RETAIL PRODUCER WITH MAFC TODAY!


Our Producers can also choose to partner with our Global Export Division and export their products in bulk via the MAFC Export Division. Our Commodities Brokers specialise in sourcing wholesale buyers in the global markets for fresh produce globally and have vast expertise in the management of the processes required to export fresh produce successfully. All Producers that partner with us in this division are guaranteed payment via a Divisible Letter of Credit issued to MAFC in SA with their portion assigned to them, on delivery.

No Farmer can manage their farming operations successfully without access to a range of external services and products to allow their farming operation to operate profitably and seamlessly. With this in mind, and with a focus on quality product being delivered into the local, regional and global markets, AFC | ABK has entered into a number of Agency Agreements, Mandates and has established a Specialist Product SALES & MARKETING Division to ensure that their Farmers Produce reaches the appropriate markets.

AFC | ABK Members can now enjoy local access to mini-markets that MAFC is establishing to receive their produce across SA and Madagascar, and eventually the entire SADC region. From there, dependent on the agreements entered into by and between MAFC and their Farmer | Member, the produce will be delivered to the local Fresh Produce Markets for immediate sale, distributed via our local | regional | global retail partner network, or exported as a bulk transaction to wholesale buyers in the global markets.

MAFC covers all options and allows our Members, subject to the quality and grading of the produce delivered to our Cooperative, to enjoy the benefit of choice as to how to deal with their product OR My African Farm Coop will INSPECT | GRADE | PRICE your product on delivery, and payment will be in your account within 24 hours, and we will decide how best to resell the produce. You can choose to sell through us or to us. IT’s YOUR DECISION ENTIRELY!

No Farmer can manage their farming operations successfully without access to a range of products to allow their farming operation to operate seamlessly. With this in mind, and with a focus on quality, yet also on budgets, AFC | ABK has entered into a number of Agency Agreements and Dealer Mandates, allowing AFC | ABK Members local access to most requirements, while the larger products that are less required bust still essential, will be stored at strategic HUBS across the SADEC region, or even ordered when required, for direct delivery to the Farmer at their place of operations.
The range of Products available to our My African Farm Coop Members is:


A range of Motor Cars, LDV’s *(Bakkies), trailers, trucks, tractors and forklifts is all available to our Members on a Finance | Rent 2 Buy | Rental basis, initially in South Africa but soon across the entire SADEC region.

Farm Equipment

A range of farm equipment, from harvesters, ploughs, water bowsers, crop implements and all related farming equipment needed to produce crops, manage livestock and feedlots, is available from any MAFC Retail or Cooperative outlet on a Finance | Rent 2 Buy | Rental basis, initially in South Africa but soon across the entire SADEC region.


A range of large scale and small irrigation equipment is available and the service includes delivery, installation, activation and maintenance services to ensure that all irrigation operations require, with a range of specialised products and accessories available to ensure optimum water management while conserving this precious resource.

Specialised Farm Products

Many intensive farming operations require special products, such as plastic, netting, feedlot equipment, and as many farmers are going ‘off-grid’ to conserve on costs.

Animal & Crop Feed & Health

AFC | ABK has a specialized ANIMAL & CROP FEED & HEALTH division catering to the specific needs and requirements of our Farmers in all sectors. From Animal Feed, Crop Fertilizer’s, Animal & Crop Health products and a range of specialist consultants available to assist, advise and even visit your farm, to assist you, our Farm Partner, to get the best results possible

FarmMart Stores

All Members have access to our FarmMart & CRE Retail Network of Stores | Franchises | Merchant Partners worldwide where they can use their FarmCard to buy household and farm requirements, and access travel & accommodation services | moneymart | courier services | send / receive money | apply for loans | make staff payments